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Funded by the
Government of Ontario

Urban agriculture is a key element of the City's Climate Change Action Plan, an aggressive environmental framework aimed at reducing Toronto's greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. Local food not only tastes fresh but also travels less - helping to clean our air and the environment. Urban agriculture is also known to cultivate community. This is why, since 2008, the City's Live Green Toronto community-outreach program has provided over $800,000 to groups working to breathe new life into neglected areas, and to create food that is healthy, affordable and culturally diverse.

Live Green Toronto is dedicated to giving residents and neighbourhoods the tips, tools and resources they need to lead a healthier and greener lifestyle. Initiatives such as the Live Green Toronto Community Food Animators work with neighbourhoods on a wide range of food-related programming from good food markets to community kitchens.

Residents without access to land can join over 1,000 Torontonians who have registered for a plot at one of the City's many allotment gardens. The City also operates a vibrant network of over 100 community gardens; offers hands-on programming for vulnerable youth at an 8-acre urban farm; and runs 17 children's gardens, helping kids to get active and learn the importance of healthy, nutritious food.

Making it easier for Torontonians to grow their own truly sustainable vegetables, herbs and fruits is just one way that the City is working with residents, businesses and community groups to help build a greener, more vibrant Toronto. Get a grant, get a rebate and find even more ways to green your life at

Mushrooms Canada was founded in 1955 as a voluntary, non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh mushrooms in Canada. Membership includes mushroom growers, processors, spawn makers, suppliers, scientists and other allied industries.

Mushrooms Canada advocates food safety, good nutrition and the proper care and handling of fresh Canadian mushrooms.

Canadian mushrooms are available 24/7/365 fresh from Canadian farms

Brenn-B Farms Ltd. is a 4th generation family farm located 45 min south west of Toronto in Flamborough Ontario. A dedicated full time staff of 15 people and large seasonal workforce crop 1500 acres with potatoes being the main enterprise. Red, White, Russet, Yellow Flesh and Yukon Gold potatoes are grown and packed for the fresh market year round. The new crop harvest of potatoes begins in late July, with all potatoes in storage by the end of October. Just in time ordering and delivery ensures premium quality potatoes are available to consumers.

Other fresh market specialty crops grown are broccoli, baby dill, cilantro, parsley, arugula, Swiss chard and beets. 95% of the all product is marketed in the GTA.

Brenn-B Farms embraces the challenges facing agriculture today. Food safety remains a top priority. They spend a great deal of effort to achieve their goal of high quality safe potatoes products.

A thriving family farm dedicated to providing naturally slow grown animals free of antibiotics and hormones to feed your family as we do our own. With sustainability as our focus we consistently strive to support community initiatives ,be responsible land stewards and take every opportunity to educate and share our passion for raising healthy animals. We are able to ultimately respect them by finding ways to use the entire animal when they graciously hand themselves over. We are privileged to be the 4th generation of Harrison’s growing good food and maintaining a way of life in Canadian Agriculture.

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