Volunteer at  Soupalicious


Volunteer at

Soupalicious Toronto

We would love your help … we are a small but mighty team who would be extremely grateful to have you be one of our event volunteers.

We need LOTS of volunteers as the day is full of things to do …

Here’s what’s involved:

• Arrival by 9am to the Community Hall @ St. Archangel Michael Church, 212 Delaware Avenue
(just across the street from the Delaware exit of the OSSINGTON SUBWAY STATION) … we’ll have coffee and tea and yummy snacks waiting for you … PLUS a Soupalicious T-Shirt (fabulous!)

• You’ll help us set up the serving stations, tents … and get excited along with the rest of us as the chefs arrive and get their soups heated up, ready for tasting

• During the event, we’ll have lots of things to do … we want you to have fun and be proud of being part of an event that is all about caring and sharing …. so along with your help for our event, we’ll make sure you have the opportunity to also “sip, slurp and savour”

• Help us with the clean-up and tear-down (sniff … Soupalicious Toronto is over but what fun we had .. and wasn’t it yummy? =) …)

So … please give us a call @ 416 535 0240 or email us.

We are grateful for your time and consider it a real privilege that you would be willing to help us.


Special thanks to all the SOUPALICIOUS Toronto 2019
volunteers you are amazing!!!